February 1, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Walter Allan Hall



Why, Sir, do you not know?- Mr. Patenaude of Quebec, and possibly, I may add, the hon. member for South Winnipeg (Mr. Rogers) and the hon. member for West York (Sir Henry Drayton). But please do not let the right hon. member for Portage la Prairie (Mr. Meighen) know this.
Now a word in regard to the tariff board. In my opinion this board should, as its name indicates, simply give advice on tariff matters after a diligent search for information and a careful study of the problem of taxation in its relation to industry and revenue, but it should in no wise exercise authority nor express any
The Address-Mr. Hall

final judgment. It should function only as the servant of the ministry or government, the Finance minister being fully responsible for all the board's acts. In this way the board would be responsible to parliament.
Before concluding I want to say a few words on the proposal to complete the Hudson Bay railway. As this proposal implies, it is not for the construction of a new railroad but rather for the completion of a road that is now almost completed. This road nms from The Pas to Hudson bay , a distance of 424 miles. The steel is laid on 332 miles and the whole distance of the road graded, the bridges being all built. So that all that has to 'be done now is to lay the steel on 92 miles. Apparently there are steel rails enough to cover about one quarter of this distance, so that there is no reason why the cost should stand in the way of the completion of the road. From all' reports it seems to me that now is not the time to cease construction; to use an Irishism, that time was before construction began, not after the expenditure of about $21,000,000. This route seems feasible, and if perchance it cannot be utilized in connecting the western prairies with the European markets, why, then, the money for its completion has not been squandered, because this road will open up thd country west of Hudson bay, a country highly mineralized especially with iron, not to speak of the wealth that will accrue from the fisheries of Hudson bay. Besides, the money for this project has been provided by the sale of crown lands in the west. So it seems to me that parliament will be fully justified in completing the road.

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