January 25, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Abraham Albert Heaps



Mr. Speaker, in opening my
remarks I mentioned that I was extremely grateful to the hon. gentleman opposite for having introduced this particular question this afternoon. I was glad to notice also that the co-operation of the group to which I belong was sought. I think I would have been far more satisfied, however, if the hon. gentleman who introduced this question had given those interested some notice of his intention to do so. It so happens that this afternoon the ieader of the group to which I belong is out of the city. He knows far more about this question than I do; he has studied it from every angle and could have dealt with it in a more able manner than I possibly could. The hon. member for Winnipeg North Centre
(Mr. Woodsworth) and -the late member for East Calgary. Mr. Irvine, introduced this question into this House on many occasions. As a new member I am very glad to see that there are several other members now in this House who are taking up the cudgels on behalf,
I hope, of the miners of Nova Scotia. I say miners advisedly, because in the discussion this afternoon, if I heard correctly, one of the hon. members opposite said he represented Besco. To me that appears rather a frank admission *and a rather unusual statement to make in this House.

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