January 25, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Abraham Albert Heaps



If the hon. gentleman has
any question to ask and will ask it in the

manner customary in this House, I shall be glad to answer it, but I have no desire to enter into any conversations across the floor. I have in my hand a copy of a paper published in Halifax called the Halifax Herald. I do not know its politics. All I know is that it says:
The Herald is devoted to public service, with fair and unbiased news stories.
So anything published in this paper, I presume, will be true. This article is dated December 28 and states:
Replying to charges that conditions at these two collieries were not better than they had been in the past, Attorney General John C. Douglas declared he would call a meeting of the government to-morrow to discuss the matter, when he would propose a solution of the trouble. He advocated procuring a coal contract from the Canadian National! Railways through the federal government, which would enable the corporation to carry on banking operations throughout the winter, the local government, if necessary, to bear the expense.
This comes from Halifax, and I have heard nothing further about the Conservative government in that city taking any action in regard to the coal situation. I am coming to the conclusion that a good deal of the trouble lies nearer to Halifax than to the city of Ottawa. Might I quote now from something that was stated in this House on February 24, 1925? I presume the gentleman who made this statement did so with full ' authority. Mr. Kyte was formerly a member of this House, although I do not know for what constituency he stood.
M'r. CHAPLIN (Lincoln): He is at home

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