June 26, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


George Gordon

Conservative (1867-1942)


The inference is a fair
one. It was drawn to the attention of the
minister of that day that the city of New Westminster was threatening proceedings against any persons who might attempt to interfere with their power rights and he 'had an enquiry made by the officials of his department; and the conclusion he reached was that the licensees should be given timber of equal value because in his opinion they had a good claim. During his tenure of office it was impossible for his officials to come to any agreement with the licensee for another berth and for three or four years cruising took place every summer on other berths. On two occasions at least the suggestion was made that the licensees should accept other limits but no agreement was reached between the department and themselves. They wanted more than the department was prepared to give them and the result has been that these men have allowed, not the $126,000 which they paid, with interest and so forth, but $120,000. This means a net loss to half a dozen in the syndicate of some $22,800.

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