June 26, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


George Gordon

Conservative (1867-1942)


I read the file a short
time ago and perhaps I may be allowed to say something on the subject. When Sir James Lougheed was Minister of the Interior he recommended the exchange of an equal area of equal value by reason of the fact that the government had allowed a certain conservation area to be established including a part of this berth. The result was that the New Westminster municipal authorities constructed a dam in what was known as the Coquitlam reserve. The dam, some eighty feet high, caused the water to back up over this vast area making it impossible for the berth to be used commercially. As my hon friend (Sir Henry Drayton) will see by the file, Sir James in his report to council recommended that there should be exchanged for this an area equal in value. It was impossible at that time for a settlement to be arrived at and when the present Minister of the Interior (Mr. Stewart, Argenteuil) assumed office a similar offer was made. The party sent cruisers over the different berths but were never able to agree and it was finally decided that the amount of money which the trustees had paid in on behalf of the syndicate should be repaid to them plus fire dues and certain other charges which they had paid. The department was to pay five per cent in addition, but not compounded. They insisted for a long time that they should be given compound interest but the department refused, and finally, last fall, they came to terms. They have lost some $22,000 in expenses in connection with, cruising trips, inspectors, solicitors' fees and other costs, but I believe that included in that $22,000 there is $3,000 or $4,000 of principal and interest which the department has refused to pay. Ultimately they compromised on a basis of $120,000. The basis of settlement agreed upon latterly was that recommended by Sir James Lougheed to council, but there is no indication that council ever acted. I think that was about five or six years ago, but there is his report upon the matter.

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