June 26, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Thomas George McBride


Mr. T. G. McBRIDE (Cariboo):

I have
taken this matter up with some labour men in Kamloops, and I may say that a certain percentage of them are opposed to it. They say that all labour men do not believe in sending labour members down here, some of the labour people belong to the Conservative and some to the Liberal party, and these men ask, why should they supply money to any candidate if they do not want to support him? Why should they be obliged to support financially anyone who is not of their persuasion? If the hon. member (Mr. Irvine) would move that the vote in the labour unions would have to be carried by a two-thirds majority I would support the motion; but I certainly cannot support it as it stands, in view of the instructions I have got from those I represent.

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