June 26, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


William Daum Euler



I would like to make sure as to the meaning of the words "provincial lists" in this section. Under the law as it stands, all elections for the Dominion House -I am referring now to the province of Ontario-would be held under lists used in provincial elections unless they were more than two years old. For example, should an election be held this fall we could not use the provincial lists used in the last provincial election and some other provision would have to be made. I understand that a list would be prepared from another list which would be used with or without revision at a provincial election commenced at the same time as the election under this act. That is, under conditions such as would prevail if we had an election this fall, with no old provincial lists available because they are more than two years old, we would then, I understand, have to take as a basis a list which would be used by the provincial government for the purpose of making a new list. If that is the case then I assume we would have to fall back upon what I would term the municipal lists, that is, lists prepared by the municipal officers as a basis for making a new list. In line 2 of subsection (a) it says: "Every urban registrar shall transfer from such provincial lists," and so on. Ordinarily I think the layman would call that a municipal list, and what I am concerned about is whether when we speak here of "provincial list" it does refer to the list that is prepared by the municipal officers, so that it may be definitely understood that in case of an election this fall or before a pro-

Elections Act
vincial election is held, our election list in Ontario will have as its basis the lists prepared by the municipal officers.

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