June 25, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Charles Murphy (Postmaster General)



The objection taken by the hon. member for North Waterloo (Mr. Euler) to using the lists prepared for the referendum vote last October is an objection which will apply only to this province. The newspapers of the time drew attention to the fact that the list in question contained the names of a great many voters who had either
long since ceased to exercise their franchise or who were unknown in the particular localities in which their names appeared on the list, as well as a variety of other people who, under ordinary circumstances would not have their names upon the list. For that reason it would in my judgment be a mistake to make such a list the basis for a list under this act, and the suggestion made by the hon. gentleman might be followed. My hon. friend from South Wellington pointed out that under part III the old lists may not be available in Ontario, but as the section under consideration applies only to cities it does not seem to me to be an insuperable difficulty, if it is decided to have some system of registration or an adoption of the municipal lists used in the last municipal election immediately preceding the Dominion election.

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