June 25, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


William Daum Euler



According to many reports
of which I have no definite knowledge, the list on which we voted on the plebiscite last fall were made up quite unfairly in many instances. We saw reports in the newspapers in regard to the plebiscite vote that in certain cities in. Ontario thousands of names were placed on the lists that should not have been there at all. I think we would be on safe ground if we took the lists that are absolutely unassailable, prepared for example by the municipal authorities. I tbink I would prefer that in the cities and towns the municipal lists should be taken as a basis and such other names added as might be found necessary. I should like to say to the hon. member for South Wellington (Mr. Guthrie) who tells us that if thousands of names were placed on the list when we voted on the plebiscite last year, those names may be struck off. But if thousands of such names appear on the list we will find a very practical difficulty in having them struck off. It will be difficult to find the names of those who should not be on the list. For that reason I would feel inclined to submit a motion that would have the effect, of making municipal lists the basis in urban districts; and in the rural districts if you like, we could have entirely new lists made up. Then we will be sure of having a voters' list to which no possible exception could be taken.

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