June 25, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Thomas Wakem Caldwell



I am afraid they will not choose to; they never have chosen before. We asked our provincial government for bread and they gave us a stone. I am much disappointed. I thought from the research work that had been carried on by Dr. Tory and from the recommendations from the Banking and Commerce Committee along this line, this government would bring down a real rural credits act of its own, to be administered, possibly, by provincial boards. But this act will be of no benefit in New Brunswick, and I doubt if it will to any of the Maritime provinces. It may be of some benefit to some provinces that have rural credit acts in operation; it will enable them to secure additional money to carry on. I am surprised that there is not some limit set to the amount each province will be allowed to get from the Dominion government under this act. Suppose Ontario makes an application to-morrow for $10,000,000 under this act, what is going to happen?

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