June 24, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Edward Mortimer Macdonald (Minister of National Defence)


Mr. MACDONALD (Pictou):

I did not say that. I simply explained the reason- for tlie temporary abolition of cadet training in

France. Now, as regards this vote, if the provincial authorities of Ontario, for example, through the superintendent of education intimate to the officials of my department that they do not want a cadet unit in any particular school in the province it shall be abolished immediately. The educational authorities in each of the provinces are responsible for the existence of every unit with which they are concerned. Lord Strathcona's bequest in 1908 originated on a permanent footing the system which has existed since 1879. None of us want to see war again; God forbid that such a thing should occur. But we all want to see our children physically trained and trained properly, and military exercises constitute a part of such training. That is the opinion throughout the country; it is held by most educational authorities, and it is my own opinion. For these reasons I do not think that the motion should be entertained.

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