June 22, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Herbert Meredith Marler



Not in any way. As has been quite properly said to-day, how are we going to utilize our water-powers for the manufacture of our forest products unless we are able to export those products in a reasonable way? Further than that, in extending our exports of pulp and paper there will be this distinct advantage, that the companies engaged in their manufacture will earn more money and consequently will pay more taxes into the treasury, and in addition afford greater freight for our railways and shipping. It does seem to me that in viewing this treaty we have to look at what are its disadvantages and what its advantages to Canada. I have stated one distinct and known advantage which will accrue to the pulp and paper manufacturing industry of the Dominion. I cannot see that any other industry will be injured by the advantage to be gained by the pulp and paper industry.

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