June 22, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Hewitt Bostock (Speaker of the Senate)



I have been asked by
several members that in order that the private bills on page 18 of the order paper may be referred to the select standing committee on Miscellaneous Private Bills, the second readings

be taken now. Of course this can only be done by suspending the rule with the unanimous consent of the House. Is it the pleasure of the House that the second readings should be taken now of the private bills on page 18? Then, by leave of the House, we will now proceed to take them up.
Eill No. 197, for the relief of Euphemia Tudor Slade.-Mr. Duff.
Bill No. 198, for the relief of Marion Roberts Edmiston.-Mr. MacLaren.
Bill No. 204, for the relief of Wilbert Newell Hurdman.

Mr. White.
Bill No. 211, for the relief of Maude Craw-foid Ross.-Mr. White.
Bill No. 212, for the relief of Bertha Matilda Quinn.-Mr. Garland (Carleton).
Bill No. 213, for the relief of William Garfield Reed.-Mr. Rankin.

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