June 20, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Charles A. Stewart (Minister of Mines; Minister of the Interior; Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs)


Mr. STEWART (Argenteuil):

At present one hundred tons per day, but it can be extended to a two hundred ton plant which I am given to understand' is the economic unit. That is the definite provision. My information is that the city of Winnipeg are very anxious to secure this plant. But the difficulty in Winnipeg is the water supply, They require a very large supply of pure water which would have to be filtered, if taken from the river proper, or obtained from the greater Winnipeg water supply, whereas if the company located on lake Winnipeg or on the English river they would have these advantages besides being somewhat closer to their source of power. The project is to be undertaken with power developed by the Manitoba Power Company at its inception, and from a development of power later on. I submitted the agreement and order in council on the matter to the provincial government. The mayor and council-I would not sty the council but the mayor at all events-of the city of 'Winnipeg consulted with the members representing the district, and the features of the contract, I think, protect ev.-.ry one thoroughly. We have a deposit of $250,000 as a guarantee that the mill will be started, but no cutting will be permitted until $1,000,000 has been expended upon the mill itself. In addition, there is a perpetual bond of $175,000 for the faithful performance of the contract. The citizens of Winnipeg, and of Manitoba generally, have been extremely anxious for a long time to have this industry established, and it is in compliance with that request that the agreement was entered into with the Manitoba Pulp and Paper Company for_ the carrying out of the project. The territory available in Manitoba will warrant the construction of two mills, so far as we know at the present time, of two hundred ton capacity each. That is according to the information that we have from our Forestry department. The whole agreement and contract have been
fully scrutinized and will be found, I think, eminently satisfactory. I shall be very glai to lay the order in council and the contract upon the table of the House on Monday.

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