June 19, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Arthur John Lewis


Mr. A. J. LEWIS (Swift Current):

I rise in protest against this resolution at this particular time. It does seem to me that we have not the proper opportunity of studying the situation within a week of when we may expect the session to close. Moreover, we have not been given definite information in regard to those who claim moneys which are proposed to be paid out of this fund. It does seem tc me that not only shipowners have the right to claim money under this resolution, but what about those people like the soldiers and theii dependents? They have lost homes and theii loved ones in the war, and it does seem to me that humanity is of more importance than the material wealth of shipowners or of anybody else who has lost money or other material possessions. What aibout the nation's cost of the war? Are we as a nation going to put in our claim, and have damages distributed pro rata under this agreement? I think before we pass on this resolution we should first have definite information as to what the government intends to do. I think we should also have a list of all the claims so that we may know among whom this money is going to be distributed. For these reasons, if this cornea to a vote, I shall vote against the resolution.

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