June 19, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Hance James Logan



I say an attack was made on the chairman of the committee for rulings he has made before that committee. I only desire to put on Hansard a short statement showing the leeway that has been allowed the hon. member for Brant in the investigation of this question, and if I may be allowed to make this statement I promise the House I will sit down inside of two or three minutes.
We have had in the Public Accounts committee the following meetings at which time has been devoted by the hon. member for Brant in discussion of the question of business profits and income war taxation as follows:
No. of
Date of Time used by pages ofmeeting Mr. Good Evidence
March 17 (1st meeting) Full time of meeting.. .. 5
April 2
Full time of meeting.. .. 56April 16
Full time of meeting.. .. 61April 17
Full time of meeting.. .. 56April 24
Full time of meeting.. .. 59May 7
Part time of meeting.. .. 24May 13
Part time of meeting.. .. 42May 15
Whole time of meeting.. .. 63

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