June 11, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Samuel William Jacobs



The member for Bow River (Mr. Garland) would probably do fairly well if he were taken in hand by intelligent people and made to see that after all there is another point of view besides his own. I am free to confess that he impressed me towards the close of his remarks when he said that he had no objection whatever to allowing physically healthy people to come to the country. I must reckon that unto him for righteousness. I did not know that these were his views, and' I am willing to overlook many of the things he said in view of that conclusion. The hon. member for York-Sunbury (Mr. Hanson) also said that he would allow every white and healthy person to come to Canada; that would be part of his policy. Now, I find that his leader two or three days ago made a rather different statement in answer to a question put to him by the hon. member for Centre Winnipeg (Mr. Woods-wortth). At page 3806 I find the following:
Mr. Woodsworth: As long as we have anything like an open door immigration policy, how is the Canadian worker being protected?
Mr. Meighen: Well, I am not in favour of an open door immigration policy, any more than I am in favour of an open door trade policy.
We cannot, I fear, expect very much from the party immediately opposite me.

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