June 11, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Thomas George McBride



When the hon. member
who has just resumed his seat was speaking, I could not help thinking of an old saying that "so long as a boiler can blow off steam it is safe". But a boiler blowing off steam never does any good; it just makes a noise and nobody pays any heed to it. The hon. member for East Calgary (Mr. Irvine) made a remark -I do not know that it is worth taking notice of considering the personality of the gentleman who uttered it-that I was rather lazy in doing my work in the House. I think there is not another hon. member in this House, outside of that hon. gentleman, who would have so little regard for himself as to make a statement of that kind. I have been a member for four years and during those four sessions there have only been five occasions when I have not been in my seat either in the afternoon or in the evening, when the House was opened. I think that is at least an indication that I am attending to my duties and looking after the interests of the people who sent me here.
A great deal has been said about people leaving Canada, 'but I do not intend to take up much of the time of the House in dealing with this matter. When I pick up a newspaper and read such things and then listen to what is said here, it sets me thinking. The other day I came across a copy of the Vernon News. It has been a Tory paper ever since it was started, and therefore I think we can rely upon what it says. A certain man who had spent six months in California, upon returning to Canada made this statement:
The lure of the south should be forgotten for it is largely a myth.
He stated that while it is true that wages are fairly high in the country to the south, it is equally true that the cost of living is high also. Many workmen are out of employment, indeed many are in destitute circumstances; and then he advises people who are inclined to go to the south to think seriously before taking that step, and he winds up by saying "Canada is far ahead of California". I turn to another paper and I read that "in Philadelphia last year there were 155 murders and 176 people committed suicide. Is that an indication of prosperity in the States?

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