May 28, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Arthur Bliss Copp (Secretary of State of Canada)


Hon. Mr. COPP:

Department of Marine and Fisheries:
2.7 per cent for year ended March 31, 1925.
Department of the Interior:
(a) Of the total correspondence received in the department during the first three months of the present year, the percentage received from the Civil Service Commission was .329 per cent, (b) Of the total correspondence sent out by the department during the first three months of the present year, the percentage sent to the Civil Service Commission was .529 per cent.
Department of Public Works:
2.2 per cent of all letters, etc., was with the Civil Sendee Commission.
Department of Agriculture:
All correspondence with the Civil Service Commission is carried on through the deputy minister's office, and approximately 5 per cent of the correspondence of that office is with the Civil Service Commission. Correspondence with the various branches of the department in connection with appointments or other civil service matters amounts to approximately fifty per cent of the total correspondence of the deputy minister's office.
As to the branches, correspondence on civil service matters will probably be less than five per cent of the whole. It is exceedingly difficult to make an accurate estimate as the correspondence varies greatly at different seasons of the year.
Post Office Department:
One-half of one per cent.
Department of National Defence:
No special record is kept of letters to the Civil Service Commission and it is, therefore, impossible to furnish this information without going through the whole of the correspondence of the Department of National Defence.
1. Having reference to sessional paper 165 of the present session, regarding No. 3 elevator, Vancouver, B.C., under the terms of clause 6, page 42, of the said return: (a) do the rates and charges to be made by the lessee become subject to the control of the Board of Grain Commissioners under the Canada Grain Act; (b) have the owners or shippers of grain using this elevator any right of appeal on a question of charges to the Board of Grain Commissioners?
2. Having reference to clause 12 on page 43, of th8 said return, 165, is the said bond of $25,000 considered by the government to be sufficient security for good faith on the part of the lessee, in view of the total cost of the property being $824,412 as set forth in answer to question No. 7 on page 2052 of Hansard ?

3. Has the government, or the Board of Harbour Commissioners, Vancouver, received at any time any communications prior to the execution of the lease between the Vancouver Harbour Commissioners and the British Oriental Grain and Elevator Company, dated March 1, 1924, protesting that the said bond of $25,000, was inadequate protection of the public interest, in view of the magnitude of the investment of public funds in this elevator?

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