May 26, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


John Morrison



Yes, I agree to that. We are all very wise to-day about revising our ideas as to the valuations of land, houses and stock of all kinds. But the biggest financiers in Canada made the biggest mistakes, so why should we say particularly that the soldier did not exercise good judgment? How can you expect him to be infallible in his judgment on a question like this when many of us who were at home, engaged in our own line of business all the time, made mistakes by which many of our people were ruined? For the most part those who were valuing the lands, at any rate those who came under my notice, were doing good work. There have been some reports that some of them did not do good work; I do not know about that. But I do say we cannot afford to drive too hard a bargain with those men. 'When the call came for men to serve Canada the boys did not stand back and drive a hard bargain with the country. They did not drive a bargain at all; they enlisted and gave their services, and it is up to us to treat them generously. By this proposal the government is making a readjustment in respect to the live stock purchases, which amounted to 813,500,000 out of a total of $103,000,000 or about one-seventh of this purchase contract. I think the government should revalue the lands of those who find themselves in difficulties. We cannot afford to let good men be crowded off [DOT] their land on a score of this kind. It was an uncontrollable situation that arose; we cannot place the blame on anybody. The judgment of the government of the day has not been sustained by circumstances. The judgment of 1hose who valued the lands, and the judgment of the soldiers was all wrong; that
has been proved by time. But surely it is harsh treatment to crowd men off the farms when they have put their all into them-what little money they had-and when they have given years of hard work upon them. If we crowd them off we have to resell to somebody else, and we have idle and dissatisfied citizens on our hands.

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