May 26, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


John Morrison



Mr. Chairman, I have
no criticism to make of the Conservative government that was in power when this scheme was put into force. Undoubtedly the government of the day ran up against a situation which was without precedent, and I believe they did their utmost to be just to the soldiers; and I believe the present government are also doing their best along the same lines. Many soldiers do not need or are not entitled to any readjustment of their case, but there are a considerable number to whom a readjustment is due. We have to

Soldier Settlement Act
keep in mind the interests of the taxpayers as well. The minister has said that the soldier accepted the valuations as fair. But we know that at the time these lands were valued-and the soldiers did not want to wait any longer; we could not blame them for that; they wanted to get settled on the land -land values were abnormally high. We cannot rest the whole case on the statement that the soldier's judgment was not good, because we can all call to mind cases of scores or hundreds of good farmers who bought lands at too high a valuation.

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