April 17, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Robert James Manion

Conservative (1867-1942)

Hon. R. J. MANION (Fort William and Rainy River):

I want to call the attention of the Prime Minister (Mr. Mackenzie King) to a passage in a letter which I have received referring to his department. It is from one of the officials of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Tidewater Association and I shall ask for information on the basis of this paragraph:
Some weeks ago our state department despatched to your government what seemed to close the correspondence concerning the reference of the St. Lawrence project to the Intemationail Board of Engineers. In that note, the Secretary of State deferred to Canada's wishes in the matter of the time it should be made public. It was thought, however, that it would be immediately given to the press.
Has the Prime Minister any information to give to the House in regard to the progress being made?

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