April 7, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Andrew Ross McMaster


Mr. A. R. McMASTER (Brome):

Mr. Speaker, with your permission I would like to present on behalf of the special committee appointed to consider the resolution to give the government of Canada control over certain ocean rates, the following as their first, second, third and fourth reports:
Your committee recommend that they be authorized to have their minutes of proceedings and evidence printed from day to day for the use of the members of the committee and that rule 74 be suspended in reference thereto.
Your committee recommend that they be granted leave to sit while the House is in session.
Your committee recommend that the reports on freight rates made by the special committee to inquire into Agricultural Conditions during the 1923 session be referred to the committee.
Your committee recommend that all reports, letters, documents and other papers laid on the table of the House during the present session and referring in any respect to the order of reference to the committee, be referred to the committee.
May I crave your permission, Sir, and that of the House, to move the concurrence in these reports immediately? I do so because they are purely formal and it will tend to expedite the business at the next meeting of the committee, which will not be held until after the Easter recess, when we desire to proceed without delay.

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