April 6, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Donald Alexander Mackinnon


Mr. D. A. MACKINNON (Queens):

Mr. Speaker, the motion before the House is to go into committee of Ways and Means. I take that to mean the ways of spending money, and the means of obtaining money for the purpose. During the course of the debate all sorts of theories have been put forward and I hope they will be helpful to the Acting Minister of Finance (Mr. Robb). By increasing the duty on slack coal from 14 cents to 50 cents he will increase the revenue without making the tariff strictly protective on this commodity, because the coal is sold at $11 or $12 a ton, and 50 cents on that figure is a very small percentage.
While we are looking into means of increasing the revenue, I am going to offer a suggestion. Every year we import approximately $10,000,000 worth of bananas and oranges. Last session in the committee dealing with the National Railways we were told that it was almost impossible to look for trade from the West Indies to the Maritime provinces because the United Fruit Company was carrying the West Indian fruit to New York. I have been thinking this over, and my suggestion is that a 20 per cent tariff be imposed upon these fruits with a 10 per cent preference for those entered through Canadian ports either on the Pacific or the Atlantic. I think this would help solve the trouble we have in the Maritime provinces. Next session when the Acting Minister of Finance announces an addition to his surplus of $2,000,000 from this source, no doubt he will pass a volte of thanks to me for my suggestion. That is the only suggestion I would

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