April 2, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Hon. Mr. COPP: (Secretary of State of Canada)


1. The item of $11,881,350.58 referred to as taken from the Public Accounts 1924, Schedule L, is the total amount charged to the Quebec Harbour Commissioners for expenditure on improvements to the harbour of Quebec at March 31, 1924. $4,154,195.68 of this amount is old expenditure paid through other departments and charged against the harbour commissioners. This expenditure was authorized by various statutes passed previous to the reorganization of the harbour commission on its present basis in 1912, while the balance of $7,727,154.90 was expended under the authority of acts passed since 1912, which authorize a total for advance to the commissioners to date, of $8,500,000; of which amount at March 31, 1924, there remained available the sum of $772,845.10, and the Harbour Commission of Quebec could not have been considered to have overdrawn its appropriation, as provided for by parliament, until this amount had been exceeded.
2. No. The sum of $8,426,800 represents the amount advanced to the commissioners out of the total authorized by the acts passed since 1912, above referred to.
3. No. The amount stated on page 11 of Public Accounts represented the total advanced to the Quebec Harbour Commissioners for harbour improvements at that date. The total amount advanced to date amounts to $12,439,195.68, of which $8,426,800 has been advanced out of the total of $8,500,000 authorized for advance since 1912.
4j, Advances -were made to 'the Quebec Harbour Commissioners between the fiscal years 1873-4 to 1909-10 amounting to $4,156,550.58. Interest on these advances was paid between the years 1873 to 1891 to the amount of $1,068,45849. From 1892 to 1898 pay-

merits were not made on account of interest but interest was charged in the books to the amount of $1,305,315.01. This amount was written off by the authority of parliament in the revision of the balance sheet in 1908. Interest accrued and outstanding on the 31st March, 1925, on the $4,156,550.58 amounted to $5,640,463.68.
New advances were authorized and commenced in 1913 and on the 31st March, 1925, amounted to $8,426,860 which added to the amount advanced prior to 1909-10 namely $4,156,550.58 would account for a balance of $12,583,350.58 which will appear in the balance sheet, March 31st, 1925. No interest has been received on the new advances which on January 1st, 1925, amounted to $2,437,498.87.
5. A report has been made by the Board of Audit.

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