March 31, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Robert Henry Halbert

United Farmers of Ontario


This is a special committee, I am not speaking of the standing committees. 'The group in question is overrepresented on the standing committees of the House. As the right hon. leader of the opposition has said, if these thirteen members have left this party they are not entitled to a representation of more than three. However I, as one of the four Progressive members named would be perfectly satisfied to be left off this committee, but we want the actual facts to be thoroughly understood.
Mr. JOS. T. SHAW (West Calgary): I have listened with some interest to the politically-minded member for North Ontario (Mr. Halbert). He thinks that if people get together for the purpose of endeavouring to secure what they deem to be their proper representation for committee purposes that consequently there must be a political group, that the group must have a leader, and that they must have all the attributes of a new party such as the one that he belongs to.

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