March 31, 1925 (14th Parliament, 4th Session)


Robert Henry Halbert

United Farmers of Ontario

Mr. R. H. HALBERT (North Ontario):

As one of the committee who at the commencement of the session struck the standing committees of the House, I wish to say just a word lest a wrong impression may have gone forth from what has already been said. It will be noted that those who include themselves in the group numbering thirteen have always been on the standing committees since the commencement of this parliament. No objection was taken when ten out of the thirteen were placed on the Banking and Commerce committee, representing the Progress sives. If they have formed a separate group I would like to know who the leader is, and I would like to know what their name or designation is. Moreover, they are occupying Progressive seats in the House. I simply rose to explain, as one who was on the striking committee, that the group of thirteen is overrepresented because of its members being counted as still within the Progressive group for the purposes of the standing committees of the House.

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