April 2, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)



No, only on the authority, either of the Attorney General of a province or of a judge of a court which has jurisdiction in the matter. The third amendment is an addition of a pretty sweeping character, but which we thought advisable to bring to the attention of the House. It is to prevent employers of labour from advertising for labour in the United States so as to be able at any moment to flood the labour market with importations from the neighbouring country. Since this measure has been introduced representations have been made to the government by several manufacturers and employers of labour generally, to the effect that this clause is too drastic, that some exception should be made, and that the employer should be permitted in certain cases to import labour from the United States, that is, labour of a certain kind which cannot be found here, special labour, or labour of a very high class, and even sometimes when there is a scarcity of that kind of labour in Canada. We have had conferences with the labour organizations and I must say that we have found them very reasonable. So far as 1 understand them, and I think that I do
understand them, they have no objection whatever that there should be a provision in the Bill introduced so as to make it possible for an employer in Canada, if he cannot get the kind of labour he must have in this country, to bring it from a foreign country, or from the United States, without any violation of the Act, but, they would insist, and this is a proposition which I think is perfectly reasonable, that the Act should be so framed, so construed and so interpreted, as to make it impossible, when there is a dispute between employers of labour and their employees, when there is a strike on, for instance, or any difficulty of that kind, to advertise in the United States and thereby get a supply of labour for the market here while the dispute is going on. That is a position which, I think, is very reasonable. I understand that some amendment may be proposed to the last clause of the Bill when the Bill comes before the committee. Of course, the government would be prepared to consider any such amendment as may be offered. I beg to move the second reading of the Bill.

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