July 18, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


George Perry Graham (Minister of Railways and Canals)



But they are. They are occupying some of the highest positions in Canada. I do not carry a list of the graduates in my pocket, but I will guarantee to my hon. friend that if he obtains a list of the men who have passed through the college he will find that a great many of them are occupying high positions not only in Canada but in other countries. I met several of them in the Old Land, men who had taken positions that were a credit to Canada and a credit to themselves. I must not mention war because there will be trouble. I hate war as much as any person

Supply-Royal Military College
else does, but let me tell my hon. friend this: Such is the training given at the Koyal Military College that when the war broke out hundreds of men engaged in engineering and other walks of civil life throughout Canada were the first to say "We are ready"; and if you follow their record, either in the engineering corps or other branches during the war you will find that the deeds of the graduates of the Royal Military College are emblazoned in letters of gold upon the banners of their country. I know something about the college and what it does and I say this, as a man who has had years of experience: If I had to cut all these items but two, the votes I should retain would be those for the Royal Military College and the cadet service.

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