July 18, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


George Perry Graham (Minister of Railways and Canals)



I have kept out of this
military discussion although it has been hard work. If there is an institution in this country that ought to have the unanimous support of hon. members it is the Royal Military College. Should there be any members here who have got the idea that there is something repulsive about the military college, or that it is an institution that should not be supported by the Canadian people, I would advise them to pay a visit to it. To my mind there is no institution in this country that develops an all round manhood like the Royal Military College does; it develops young Canadians mentally, physically and morally. The knots are knocked off the boys who join in a few weeks. It is true that sometimes the treatment is a little rough,

but any lad who goes to the Royal Military College and stays there comes out a real man. You will find throughout this country men in different walks of life who have been trained at the military college, and they are fit to take their places anywhere.

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