June 23, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Donald Sutherland

Conservative (1867-1942)


For 1920-1921, $456,870.41; 1921-1922, $419,946.02; 1922-1923, $525,363.90; and from April 1, 1923, to January 1, 1924, $428,488.99. What I am pointing out is this: In view of the amount which has been
spent over there we have not really been getting value if the tide of immigration is from this country to the United States. Possibly this may have been the effect of the money that has been spent, and I presume the same condition existed before this four-year period* ended. In view of all that is taking place between our neighbours to the south and ourselves, it appears to me that this money could be spent to much better advantage in the Old Land, where we could get a much better class of citizens who would 225i
come out here and likely make homes in this country. I do not agree with those who say we do not need' people in this country to help develop our latent resources. This country was never so much in need of willing workers as it is at this hour, and any one who desires employment in this country can get it at short notice. In the case of those who have not found employment, it is largely because they cannot obtain a certain kind of work they desire. If they were as handy at adapting themselves to conditions in this country as the people of twenty-five or thirty years ago you would not hear much about unemployement in Canada. For that reason I have no sympathy with those who would put up the bars and exclude from Canada those who would make desirable settlers. We have in the Dominion a tremendous undeveloped area, and it is quite evident that our people, or at least many of them, are not inclined to indulge in the manual labour necessary to develop the resources which that area contains. That is the reason I would urge upon the minister to consider the wisdom of curtailing expenses in the country to the south.

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