June 23, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Hon. Mr. MACDONALD (Piotou): (Minister of National Defence)


1. The June military camps are being held throughout Canada in the form of camp schools and camps of instruction. Camps for cadets are not being held this year.
2. The usual practice has been followed- instructions were sent to military districts as soon as information was available.
3. Boards of education are not put to any expense in preparing for camps or training purposes as both these items are ordinarily borne by the cadet vote.
4. 1913. Military: Petawawa, Niagara, London, Barriefield. Cadets: London, Niagara, Barriefield, Port William.
1921- 22. Military: Cove Rifle Range, Carling Heights, Wiarton, Petawawa, Niagara Camp, Barriefield, Peterborough, Rockcliffe, Belleville, Cobourg. Cadets: London,
Niagara on the Lake, Rockcliffe, Barriefield, Peterborough, Loon Lake, Belleville.
1922- 23. Miltary: Port Elgin, Petawawa,
Carling Heights, Niagara Camp, Owen Sound, Borden, Rockcliffe, Peterborough, Presoott.
Cadets: Nil.
1923- 24. Military: Niagara Camp, Connaught, Peterborough, Iroquois, Petawawa, Barriefield, Picton, Muncey Indian Reserve, Arkona. Cadets: London, Long Branch, Barriefield, Silver Islet, Fort Frances.

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