June 23, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles Wallace Stewart


Hon. CHARLES STEWART (Argenteuil) (Acting Postmaster General):

Yes, Mr. Speaker, I am in receipt of that telegram as well as one of a similar character from the striking postal employees of Toronto. I replied that the government would not under any circumstances consider arbitration with the striking employees. _
Mr. Speaker, in fairness to parliament I think I should make a short statement with respect to the strike of postal employees. At the moment all points at which a strike was declared are normal, except Toronto and Windsor. For some reason or other we have had considerable difficulty at Windsor. At Toronto on Saturday, in compliance with the order sent out by me, a number of men endeavoured to get back to work. They had a meeting at night, and of course were unable
Postal Employees

to offer themselves before eight o'clock the following morning, but owing to the crowd then gathered around the post office they were unable to register. Having definitely assured myself that that was the case, I have extended some leniency to employees at Toronto and Montreal who exhibited a desire -indeed, so expressed themselves to the postmaster-to return. In their cases we are giving the postmaster the right to exercise his judgment as to whom he shall take back, the men to go back as new recruits.
_ Mr. MEIGHEN: What is the minister's
justification for saying that things are normal in Montreal, in view of the telegram just read?

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