June 10, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Thomas George McBride



Mr. Speaker, in this corner Sir HENRY DRAYTON: I am giving
of the House we cannot hear what the hon. the customs items, and unless my hon. friend gentleman is reading. has the schedules before him he would not
be a bit interested. Then:
Commodity Item Rate of Duty
412 399 454 588 75 cents per 100 pounds, and 25 per cent plus 5 per cent sales tax. 30 per cent plus 5 per cent sales tax. 30 per cent plus 5 per cent sales tax. 53c cents per ton. 27| per cent plus 5 per cent.
6. Wrought or seamless tubing, iron or steel, plain or galvanized, threaded and coupled or not.

My hon. friend knows a good deal of coal has to be used in this business; he has not looked after that feature at all. I point out to my hon. friend, Mr. Speaker, that the withdrawal of the bounty is a very real injury to that part of the country. The objection to its withdrawal is not political; everybody in the district knows what the discontinuance of the bounty means to the farmers and the community, and they are united in their protest irrespective of politics.
Now, what have those people done that their interests should be wiped out? They made their investments on their faith in the policy of my hon. friends opposite, their policy of 1904, but those people have been
able to carry on only with the most beggarly profits. I wonder if my hon. friend thinks that the farmers generally are making very big profits at the present time.

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