June 15, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. HOLMES asked :


1. Is the government aware of the condition of affairs indicated by the following extract from the report of ,the commission appointed to inquire into thfe Martineau defalcation :-
' Although not strictly within the terms of the commission, the commissioners cannot refrain from bringing to the notice of the government the danger from fire to the records in the upper 147
part of the Eastern Block, owing to the proximity of the steam-pipes to the woodwork in the corridor leading to the Indian Department. They think this calls for Immediate attention. The charred condition of the floor touching the pipes shows that a conflagration is imminent, and measures should be taken to avert it. The lack of provision against fire also applies to the attic of the Langevin Block, where the records of the surveys under the control of the Department of the Interior are stored. These records are exceedingly valuable, as they represent the results of very large outlays of public money, and cannot be duplicated.'
2. Is it the intention to guard against such a contingency ?
3. Are the Are appliances in the various public buildings ever tested to see if they are in working order ?

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