April 4, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Richard Motherwell (Minister of Agriculture)



I understand the work of that federal laboratory was largely connected with the spruce bud-worm and brown-tail moth. There is a small provincial laboratory, just a little shack, where I think they were pursuing an investigation in connection with a fungus disease of the cactus apple-blossom. I do not know whether they thought we were not prosecuting the work sufficiently rapidly. I scarcely know why the provincial government took it up, but apparently the ravages of that little fungus were so great that they thought it necessary to do this additional work. I think the work could be merged. I understand the laboratory was located somewhere down town in Fredericton, and it was suggested it should be moved to' the experimental farm. That is what they had in mind, I think. Well, it is like a good many other activities; we have not the necessary money to build a laboratory and move it to the experimental farm, where I think its usefulness would be almost double.

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