April 3, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Hon. Mr. BELAND: (Minister of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment; Minister presiding over the Department of Health)


1. 12.
2. Name. Position. Salary.
Brannen, Dr. J. P-, Unit Medical Director $4,800
Brown, Dr. E. R., Aurist. (P.T.) .. .. 2,400Byers, Dr. J. R., Chest Clinic. (P.T.) 3,000
Charland, Dr. L. C., Pensions Examiner 4,000 Gowdey, Dr. W. C., Medical Officer.
(P.T.) 1,800
Keenan, Dr. C. B., Consultant in Surgery. (P.T.) 2,700
Peters, Dr. E. A., Consultant in Medicine. (P.T.) 2,700
Pirie, Dr. A. H., X-Ray Specialist. (P. rp ^ 2,400
Ranger, Dr. L. E., Medical Officer. .. 3,600
Rivet, Dr. A. N., Medical Officer. (P.
>p) 1,800
Robertson, Dr. E. A., Pensions Examiner 4,000
Ruddick, Dr. W. W., Medical Officer 4,000
Total $37,200
3. 97; which includes dental staff; nurses, orderlies; laboratory technicians; X-ray technicians, etc., as well as clerical and administrative staff.
4. $124,832.

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