April 1, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Hermas Deslauriers


Mr. H. L. DESLAURIERS (St. Mary) (Translation):

I desire, Mr. Speaker, to draw the attention of the House to an editorial which appeared in the Gazette of the 31st March, regarding a proposal to form a company, to be known as "Super-Power Development ": the following is the extract:
First news of this super-power project was revealed in Wall Street to-day, when it was learned that a banking syndicate headed by Harris, Forbes and Company and Bonbright and Company is negotiating to underwrite about $50,000,000 of the cost.
The editorial ends with:
The system will be large enough to supply power and .lighting to towns and industries for miles on either side of the main line, which will have a probable capacity of 220,000 volts.
The final difficulty, which is now being worked out, is contained in the Canadian laws. They provide that any franchise granted for the exportation of power from the country may be terminated upon one year's notice. It is expected that a method of modifying the obstacle will be found shortly.
It is stated that the development plans have been carried near to completion, because the bankers and officials feel certain of definite assurance from Canada
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that the laws will be changed to eliminate any interference with the project. The company will, it is expected, ask for a perpetual franchise.

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