March 28, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John William Bell


These details are to be found at page A-32 of the Auditor General s Report for 1922-3. One of the primary purposes of getting that shipment over was to introduce some new Tamworth blood among our various herds of Tamworth pigs, especially throughout Ontario and the West. This type is looked upon as an A1 bacon breed. There is a good deal of prejudice against it because
of its long nose and light shoulders, but these features are not disadvantages but advantages when it comes to raising bacon hogs. In this country there has been so much inbreeding for the want of new blood by importation, that it was thought advisable to get a number of these animals over. We brought over not only hogs, but a number of sheep and cattle as well to replenish the blood of the various herds throughout Canada, surely a most proper expenditure.

Topic:   SG2 COMMONS
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