March 28, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Edward Joseph Garland


Mr. GARLAND (Bow River):

I do not wish to be unfair to the minister, but, frankly, I think that he might very seriously consider the advisability of suspending all operations at this sub-station. I understand that we are bending all our efforts to the settlement of those parts of Canada that are situated within reasonable distances of our many railways; but there is no prospect of a railway going into this particular locality. It is four hundred miles from a railway and I hope it will be many years before very many people go there, because it will cost the country so much, and without a railway I do not think the expense woul(j_be justified. I am not suggesting that the minister should virtually say to the settlers out there that he throws up the sponge and that no one can
exist in that part of the country. But it seems to me that the settlers themselves realize far better than the minister does that they cannot make money there; probably they are barely existing.

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