March 28, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Richard Motherwell (Minister of Agriculture)


Hon. W. R. MOTHERWELL (Minister of Agriculture):

It will take only a moment
or two to hunt up those figures, and in the meantime I might perhaps make some explanation with respect to this somewhat substantial reduction in the appropriation for experimental farms. Possibly this reduction will be too large to suit some and too small to suit others; but, speaking generally, I think it is in fair conformity with reductions in the estimates which have resulted in an aggregate reduction of $46,000,000. We hope, however, not to curtail the services to any appreciable extent; but certain activities will have to be dispensed with in order, with this reduction, to take care of the work.
I might refer to the contemplated establishment of a new experimental farm in the northern part of British Columbia. In a sense, there was a commitment to that by the government which preceded this one. I visited that territory myself two years ago, and with certain reservations I would say that the promises of my predecessor were substantiated by myself. We find, however, that that will have to be deferred a little longer. As regards the proposed extension of the Brandon farm which has been flooded very considerably during the past two years, and which should have an extension of territory attached to it on the bench land above the valley at Brandon, we shall have to wait a little while before we make that necessary outlay. These are some of the retrenchments that we shall have to consider in order to carry on these farms without any decrease in efficiency. The figures asked for by my hon. friend from Bow River (Mr. Garland) are
as follows:
Swede Creek, Dawson, Yukon Territory $2,020
Fort Smith, Fort Resolution and Fort Providence 690 Fort Vermilion 5,525

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