March 27, 1924 (14th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Henry Lumley Drayton

Conservative (1867-1942)

Sir HENRY DRAYTON (West Toronto):

I propose to support a motion which will enable the standing committee on Banking and Commerce to consider this question, not in the autumn-even if a special session is called for it, which we know will not take place-not next year or the year after, but this session. The amendment of my hon. friend (Mr. Cahill) simply means that the hands of parliament are to be entirely tied for an indefinite period. We may just as well cut out the camouflage and get down to facts. My hon. friend talks about the evidence to be got from trials and the like, the help that will be given to the committee. He asks the committee to wait until this royal commission has royally functioned, and he ties the hands of parliament just as absolutely and effectively as if the motion itself, was defeated. What is the need of the commission at all? What is the need of putting the question at all if the matter is
to be so determined? Why, the whole thing has been inquired into, threshed over backwards and forwards. And what is to prevent the banking committee at any time taking up any question on banking? The thing is a farce and is intended as a farce-that and nothing else. Wait until the trials? Why there is to be a case tided before the Privy Council some time this summer, in the early summer, to find out how these fellows are to be tried; then after all that you have to get your trials. Let us be honest about this thing. Let us start in by trying to be a little honest about it. We can have no action now-action of any and every kind would be impossible now-if that amendment is accepted. That is the way, Mr. Speaker, which this amendment strikes me. It rather carries on the whole game the government is playing in connection with this bank.
Let us start out with the first order. That first order is theirs. There is nothing in it except the attempt that was made to get the hide of Sir Thomas White nailed by somebody. That is all that is in it. Is there any suggestion that there was anything wrong-

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