June 25, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Auguste Théophile Léger



I would draw the attention of the minister to the situation in our part of the country. In the county which I represent most of the land is Crown land. The farmers have wood on their land and almost
every year cut a certain number of cords of pulpwood which they offer for sale in the best market. For the last few years we have had to ship our pulpwood to the United States. In the latter part of last summer right in the little town where I live there were over two thousand cords shipped to the United States by water. These people are poor and have to work hard and I do not think we should deprive them of this chance to sell a few cords of pulpwood in the best market and if the market is not sufficient in our part of the country they should be allowed the chance to export to the United States. I would therefore ask the minister to reconsider the situation and not to do anything that will place at a disadvantage these poor people who have to work very hard for their living and who are making only a few dollars a year in this way. This measure is certain to cut their living, and I think that it should not be made applicable to pulpwood on Crown lands.

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