March 28, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Robert Abercrombie Pringle

Conservative (1867-1942)


I am not accustomed to pay much attention to all these telegraphic *despatches that we find in promiscuous newspapers. Now, the hon. memebr for Bonaventure says that this tariff is nothing more than a repetition of the old policy. But I will do him the credit to say that he stands up in this House and says that he is in favour of protection. He is on record in the ' Hansard ' as saying that he is in favour of moderate protection. But he goes on to say that this country has made no progress during the regime of the late Conservative administration, that it remains stationary.
I would like to take him down to that little factory town of Cornwall, where, in 1881, we had a population of 4,408, and, according to the census of 1891, we had a population of 0,805, an increase of 2,337 in ten years, or about 52 per cent. I want to tell him that from 1891 to 1896 our popu-; lation increased until, counting the town : and the suburbs, built up largely by the manufacturing industries established under the national policy, we have a population now of between 9.000 and 10,000. Without1 going into a number of items that I could mentiou, showing the great prosperity of the country between 1878 and 1890, I will only take the deposits in the savings banks. In 1877 there were 24,074 depositors, and the amount deposited was $2,639,937 : in 1890 the number had increased to 126,442

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