April 26, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Hon. Mr. LAPOINTE: (Minister of Marine and Fisheries)


1. The Harbour Commissioners of Montreal have at that port a cold storage plant in addition to other cold storage plants at Montreal.
2. The building of this plant was financed to the extent of $2,765,000 out of money loaned by the government under statutory authority and secured by debentures bearing interest at 5 per cent.
3. Operation and maintenance, 7 months, $113,789.62; interest on cost of construction, 7 months, $80,665.60; total reoeipts for 7 months, $55,416.45.
4. It is confidently expected that the plant will in future be self-sustaining, but any deficit that may occur will be met from general harbour revenues without increasing harbour dues.

5. The rates charged by the harbour commissioners' cold storage plant are the same as those charged by the other cold storage plants in Montreal, with the exception that in the case of the former no charge is made for insurance.
6. No.
7. The Cold Storage Act, as approved by the Committee on Agriculture and Colonization, provides that subsidies be paid only on account of municipal and co-operative cold storages.
8. No provision has been made for the continuance of a subsidized cold storage in case of disorganization of the co-operative societies, but the act will provide that the government shall hold a lien on the cold storage for the full amount of the subsidy.
9. There is no likelihood whatever of the rates in the harbour commissioners cold storage plant being increased if the other cold storages become closed as a result of competition, the intention of the harbour commission being to make the charges for this service as low as they possibly can, having regard to revenue requirements.

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