April 26, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)



Conservative (1867-1942)

1. Is the Montreal Cold Storage a national institution?
2. To what extent is it financed by the government and at what rate of interest?
3. What are the net results (profit or loss) on the operating expenses of this storage for its first year's operations?
4. How will deficits be met, and in event of loss will harbour dues be increased to meet same?
5. Are the rates charged by the Montreal commission lower than other public cold storages charged previous to opening the Montreal commission's plant?
6. Is it the intention of the government to subsidize cold storages to be operated by co-operative associations in various parts of the country with the idea of having a chain of storages in the country to supply the Montreal Cold Storage and thus have all under government control?
7. Would there be any discrimination against private individuals or corporations who might desire a subsidy for a cold storage plant, or is it intended to assist only rural communities that are organized?
8. Has any provision been made for the continuance of a subsidized cold storage in case of disorganization of the co-operative societies?
9. In the event of public cold storages being closed as a result of competition is there likely to be any increase in the rates charged by the Montreal commission ?

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