April 23, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Murray MacLaren

Conservative (1867-1942)


While we agree with
the general principle that a man is presumed innocent until he is proved guilty there are cases where that principle cannot be followed. That is particularly the case in the matter of drugs; there are difficulties in proving violations of the act in many cases unless we approach the subject from the point of view of this proposed provision. The hon. member (Mr. Fortier) has suggested that this position has not been taken in other acts, but if the Minister of Customs (Mr. Bureau) were here I think he would tell us that that is the position taken as regards smuggling: that men who are found in the possession of contrabrand can be and are called upon to explain their position. I have no doubt that there are other instances where it has been necessary to approach the matter from this point of view.
Section as amended agreed to.
On section 17-Certificate of Dominion analyst evidence of content of drug:

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