April 23, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


James Alexander Robb (Minister of Trade and Commerce)


Mr. ROBB :

Probably my hon. friend might be right in many arguments that would come up; but there are some cases where, I think, I could almost convince my hon. friend that it is quite necessary that this should go to the Exchequer Court. The commissioner has recently pointed out a case that came before him in connection with a system of recovering ore at the Cobalt mines, a ver' complicated matter, where royalties would run into millions of dollars. My hon. friend can understand that if the commissioner undertook to hear cases of that kind, they might extend over quite a long time and tie up the work of the office. My hon. friend has not yet persuaded me that it is best to establish a court within the Patent office. He will not deny that it will be necessary to equip the Patent office further, if they are properly to hear all evidence in connection with appeals that arisp from time to time. May I again remind my hon. friend that the system he suggests was in vogue prior to 1890?

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