April 17, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Henry Lumley Drayton

Conservative (1867-1942)


Well, let us see. You work up to your peak as the result of war conditions; you are left on the peak- is that not the result of war? Is it not a fact that these high freight rates all over the
country are the result of war and of abnormal costs? If it is fair to increase equitably, is it not fair to deflate with some regard to equity? That is what the commission is for. They put up those rates with that permission for that war purpose. That my hon. friend admits is right, and having been there, should not they come down in the same way?
The hon. member for Pictou (Mr. Macdonald) charged us with inconsistency today. I am only saying what I said a year ago, and I am in this happy position that I can turn to a tariff anywhere asked and absolutely justify every remark I made. That is the only difference. Why, it was simply extraordinary, Mr. Speaker, the way the demands of commerce,! the way the demands of the farmer everywhere outside of the prairie provinces were absolutely disregarded-simply extraordinary. But to my mind the most extraordinary thing is the accusation made to-night by the hon. member for Pictou, that this talk is all politics when he himself attended on that committee, voted for that first report, supported it right through, and for political purposes turned right about in this House in two days and swallowed it all. And what did he swallow? Is there no trouble down in the Maritime provinces? Are not the rates out of line there? We told you what would happen if you did what you did. Are not the rates out of line there? I am just going to give the hon. gentlemen, the noble sixteen, the result of the wonderful work which they did for their province last year, and I shall take just the articles in which Nova Scotia is tremendously interested. I shall not give very many of them; it is not necessary.

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