March 27, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Stevens Fielding (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)


Hon. W. S. FIELDING (Minister of Finance) :

Mr. Speaker, If I can have the unanimous consent of the House for the proceeding, I should like again to draw attention to the desirability of having an interim supply bill. On the assumption that there will be no objection to my doing so I may say that the procedure which I had asked the House to take yesterday was, I am assured, in accord with the established practice of the House. It had been contemplated that we should move concurrence in all the votes already passed in supply and then ask for a vote of one-sixth of the remainder. Hon. gentlemen opposite suggested that the motion for one-sixth should apply to the concurrence as well. As a matter of precedent, I think my own contention was the right one. But I am much more concerned to get the business done than to stand on any ceremony, and therefore I have asked the officials to prepare the resolutions so that they shall apply to one-sixth of the concurrence as well as to one-sixth of the votes. I have discussed this matter with the hon. ex-Minister of Finance (Sir Henry Drayton) who concurs in the motion I am now making. If the House is content that I shall take this course, I therefore move that the Speaker leave the chair and the House go into Committee of Supply in order that I may move the first resolution.
Motion agreed to and the House went into Committee of Supply, Mr. Gordon in the chair.

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